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Established in 1990, the South Carolina Writers’ Workshop is a literary arts organization serving both new and established writers. For more information, consult our Join Us page.



It is my honor to assume the position of President for the South Carolina Writers Association. We offer our gratitude to Past President Tib Plants, who led us in 2016, and to Torie Amarie Dale for starting us into 2017. We should also pause to remind ourselves why this organization even exists.

It is to write.

Each of us are writers, you and I. We represent the full range of milestones on hundreds of individual journeys to craft worlds, relationships and emotions in our stories, poetry and essays. We seek the perfect sentence to transplant our mental images into the minds of readers. Together we can draw upon successful authors, agents and publishers to help make our dreams come true. And, what is our dream? To be read.

SCWA exists to help us all achieve our dream by helping us become better writers and to become participants in the world of writers. There will be hands along the way to pull us in the direction of better writing, and it will be our obligation to look around us for those who may only be steps behind us, or miles behind us, and offer them our own hand.

– Robert F. Lackey

PS: We are currently updating this website and some pages are not yet fully functional. I apologize for any distraction or disappointment this ‘temporary construction’ may cause.