The ‘BIG DREAM’ Conference

October 27-29 2017 

Outstanding faculty, The Petigru Review launch party,

selection of six of possible eighteen classes,

open mic & two panel discussions,

Optional add on Pitch and Synopsis critiques available and more!





May 2017

While others within the SCWA are expending great efforts organizing and now registering attendees for the Fall writers conference (The ‘BIG DREAM’), my main effort has been focused on communications. I have stepped back to reexamine the expectations of both the membership and the SCWA itself, to reinforce the primary foundations for our conversations. Your SCWA member volunteers who stepped up to assume responsibilities on the Board of Directors have now filled those roles necessary to move the organization forward.

Like you, each board member has full life obligations as well as the desire to be better writers. In addition to that, they give of their precious time to help manage the focus areas of the SCWA. At present, the board is only one-deep. These efforts need committee participation to accomplish our goals. However, the number of people offering to participate in focus areas at committee level is almost non-existent. I urge you to re-examine your schedule and find areas where your skill set could help the SCWA provide its members with the kind of support we all expect. With internet connectivity like Skype, Google Hangout, and others, it is far easier to offer your services.

The board has been invited to join chapter meetings to allow face-to-face communications. Our first joint meeting is now being planned for June in the Columbia area. Since the board is required to meet quarterly according to our bylaws, that will allow two more joint chapter-board meetings in 2017. Although the bylaw requirements are for quarterly board meetings, in light of re-energized efforts, we are meeting electronically each month. We need not delay 90 days to reach out to each other.

Here are efforts you might consider supporting:

  • Membership
  • Finance
  • Editorial Reviews
  • Website Support
  • Social Media Communications
  • Advertising
  • Agent/Publisher Contact

Share your skills and your ideas for a better SCWA. Email the board at scwabod2017@gmail.com

Thank you,

Robert F. Lackey

President of the Board of Directors for the South Carolina Writers Association