2012 SCWW Officers and Committee Chairs Elected

The new SCWW Board of Directors met yesterday (January 21) for the first time this year. Among lots of business, new officers and committee chairs were elected.

SCWW Board of Directors Officers
President – Ginny Padgett
Vice-President – Kia Goins
Secretary – Monet Jones
Treasurer – Jim McFarlane

Standing Committee Chairs
Chapter Liaison – Kim Boykin
Conference Chair – Ginny Padgett
Contests – Virginia Schafer
Grants – Linda Cookingham and Virginia Schafer
Membership – Jim McFarlane
Petigru Review Editor – Tibby Plants
Publicity – Belise Butler
Quill Editor – Kim Boykin

All email addresses remain the same for each office and committee chair. Those addresses are listed in the Quill and on the website. Please don’t hesitate to contact your board members with questions, suggestions, or concerns. Because we are all volunteers, please allow a response time of no more than one week. If you have a pressing issue, email me at ginnypadgett@sc.rr.com. I’ll respond in 24 hours or less.

We have an enthusiastic, energetic vibe to the Board this year. I think there will be many new opportunities for the members of SCWW during 2012, and your board is dedicated to building on our proven successes. Here’s to a great new year!

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