2014 Annual Conference News Update

As the 2014 SCWW Conference Chairperson, I thought this newest blog would be a great place to spill some news. Plans for the 3-day conference is well underway and yes, we are having the conference we all know and love this year. The one day symposium we offered in October last year was great fun and very educational, but the BOD for SCWW never lost sight of the fact that our greatest mission and desire is to bring the members as much support, education, and resources as necessary. That’s what makes SCWW so wonderful and worthwhile to be a part of.

The conference is set for October 24-26. Once again it will be held at the Hilton Resort in Myrtle Beach. I’m proud and delighted to announce our keynote speaker this year is NY Times Best Selling Author (numerous times) and publisher Bob Mayer. He is a dynamic speaker who will also provide an intensive workshop.

Speaking of intense, this year our theme is Discover the Depth in Your Writing. Actually, the idea came from a member in one chapter and let me tell you, we are listening to what our members want. Our goal at the conference is to provide more intense workshops for craft, publishing, and marketing. We are looking at how to use characters, the five senses, location, and just about everything else to bring our stories alive. I think it’s important because we live in such a visual and media driven world that the writer’s main goal must be how to make the story leap off the page and appear as three dimensional as possible to the reader.

All the faculty invited to the conference will attempt to support this year’s themes and a few have told me they have some great ideas on this. We’ve invited some old friends helpful in the past and some new ones. We’ve added a bit of “flavor” for as many interests as possible such as poets and screenwriters. Critiques, queries, and pitches will be back. Expert faculty in picture books, YA, history, fiction, and non-fiction will be on hand. We plan to work hard during the day but let’s not forget fun. Activities for the evening are also being planned.

This conference isn’t just for the expert writers either. There is plenty available for the beginner and novice. Learn what’s new, what’s hot, and where we’re going. While the world of publishing is changing, one thing remains constant – the world looks to the writer for what he/she has to say, and like a good fashion show, a well written story sets trends.

I don’t want to give too much away. What I would like is for members to keep checking the web site for updates and to discuss any ideas they have with their chapter leader. Chapter leaders, please be sure to share the comments with us. If you don’t have a chapter, then email us. I can be reached at scwwconferencechair@gmail.com. This is OUR conference, so speak-up and let us know what you’d like to see. There is still time. We may not be able to accommodate everyone’s interests or grant all wishes, but we will give it our best shot.

Save your pennies and help us make 2014 one of the most memorable conferences we’ve had. It’s money and time well spent to greet, meet, and hang with writers like us who believe in being at the top of their craft.

About L. Thomas-Cook

Moved from upstate NY three years ago in 2011 to live along the Grand Strand. Retired early childhood education administrator. Certified speech therapist. Volunteer board member in SCWW in 2011 as grant writer and 2014 conference chair. Volunteer and board member in Murrells Inlet Community Theatre. I love to write fiction with twists and turns, the not-so-usual topics, forbidden lovers, conflict, challenges, and psychological thrillers where good fights evil, ghosts haunt the living, and life after death is debated. I love the beach, nature, photography, my family (husband, son, daughter) and my dog, Sonny. Oh, and I'm a napoholic too.
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    Can’t wait for October!!

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