The 2017 ‘BIG DREAM’ Conference


The BIG DREAM Conference

was a huge success!

111 people attended

& agents asked for several manuscripts!



South Carolina Writers Association


The South Carolina Writers Association is proud to announce 111 people attended our annual conference, affectionately named The ‘BIG DREAM’ Conference because writers were given the chance to dream big and enjoy a weekend writing retreat while meeting well-established and successful authors, editors, and agents as well as enjoy some free time to read, write, and relax on the beach.

Faculty listed below:
See full bios and headshot in the Faculty Section below.

Kerry D’Agostino—Agent, Curtis Brown, Ltd.
Kate Gale—Editor, Red Hen Press
Timothy Green—Editor, Rattle Poetry Anthology
Jessica Handler—Author, Nonfiction
Annie Hwang—Agent, Folio Literary Agency
Emily Lavin Leverett—Author, Fiction
Kathryn Rhett—Author, Prosereplacing Michelle Johnson of Inkling Literary Agency
Peter Steinberg—Agent, Foundry Literary + Media
Luke Whisnant—Author, Fiction

L to R: President & Conference Co-Chair Carol-Ann Rudy, Luke Whisnant, Jessica Handler, Annie Hwang of Folio Literary Agency, Kerry D’Agostino of Curtis Brown, Editor Kate Gale of Red Hen Press, Editor Timothy Green of Rattle, Agent Peter Steinberg of Foundry + Media, and Conference Chair Torie Amarie Dale (missing: Author Kathryn Rhett).

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The 2016 ‘CRAFT BUILDS COMMUNITY’ Conference *

* Photographs courtesy of Kenneth Doyle.
**Photographs courtesy of Torie Amarie Dale.