A Plea and a Deal

The Plea

The South Carolina Writers’ Workshop needs you. The Board of Directors needs volunteers. There is no monetary reimbursement for serving. But there is great satisfaction in providing opportunities for our members to hone their craft. And where else can writers find others like themselves? Only another writer understands the angst of four rejections in one day or the lofty exultation of an acceptance.

The SCWW’s major goal is a yearly conference. Our conference, held at the Hilton in Myrtle Beach, is recognized nationally. Editors, agents and authors want to be part of our faculty. Writers want to attend because of the quality of our faculty presentations and the accessibility these industry professionals extend to attendees.

Due to a funding shortage from last year’s conference, we could not host a full three-day conference this year. We’re having a one-day Symposium, Writing for Publication. It’s a great opportunity to meet other writers and pros who will talk and listen to you. The pros will also critique—see the website http://myscww.org/conference/

Read on for the deal!

An organization is only as strong as its members. Many members are capable of providing their expertise in various fields. We need you. Serving on the Board does not mean long car trips. We meet via video conference. When the Board has a full complement of members (13) duties are spread over more people. I wasn’t a whiz at math, but I can see that if 13 people each give an hour of their time that’s 13 hours of effort. If we only have nine on the board, we have to give more time to equal the same effort.

You don’t have to be the person in charge of a committee. You could be the assistant, the co-chair. But whichever job you elect to do, you’ll have lots of help from the rest of us. If each local chapter nominates a single member we will have 18 candidates. Your local chapter will be represented and better informed about what the organization is doing. Go to the website http://myscww.org/board-of-directors/ and see what committee would welcome your help. Contact scwwpresident@gmail.com for a nomination form. You may nominate yourself!

Nominations for Board of directors are due by October 31.

And now…THE DEAL!

Any group of five people can register to attend for the price of four. That’s right. Get five people together and the cost of the conference is $100 each for four members of SCWW and the fifth one is free! Non SCWW members’ cost if $150 each. If you wish to take advantage of this great deal do not register through the website. Contact our conference chair: scww2013@gmail.com.

Such a deal! Five for the price of four. Columbia isn’t far to drive from anywhere in the state.

See you in October.

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