Are You Ready for the Conference?

Today is September 23. The conference is a mere 4 weeks away. Are you ready? I’m not sure that I am. That sounds bad doesn’t it? I’m the co-chair and if anyone should be ready by now, it should be me.

But I’m not nearly ready. My bags aren’t packed; I don’t have a clue what I’m wearing to dinner on Friday night when the new Petigru Review is revealed to attendees. (If I’m lucky I can get an autograph from one of the Carrie McCray winners who are being published in this year’s TPR.)

And Saturday, what should I wear for Patti Callahan Henry’s keynote dinner? She’s leading a session on Saturday morning about her life as a bestselling, full-time writer. If I don’t get an opportunity to sit in on that seminar, I’ll be eagerly awaiting her speech at dinner.

Okay, so I don’t really need fashion advice, but I am super excited about the conference. We’re going to have a great weekend and I hope you can be there with us. There’s a raffle on Friday where we are giving away SCWW logo items. And all the authors on faculty will be signing their books on Saturday evening before dinner.

If you haven’t registered yet, I hope you will soon. There’s time left to get a pitch or real-time query appointment, though the faculty members are selling out of those appointments quickly.

October will be here before we know it. There is time left to register, but don’t delay!

I hope to see you in Myrtle Beach.

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4 Responses to Are You Ready for the Conference?

  1. Beth Browne says:

    Omg, I can hardly wait, but oh no! What to wear?!! Ack! I hate wardrobe. Guess I’ll have to get my mom on the job! No matter what we wear, we’ll have fun!!

  2. Kia says:


    We absolutely will have a great time! Looking forward to it.

  3. Kia, you will look lovely no matter what you wear! But I’m like you, can’t wait to hear Patti Callahan Henry’s keynote. Enjoy her work, so excited to hear what she has to say about the life we all hope and work for.

  4. Kia says:

    Thanks, Kim. Saturday evening should be loads of fun, I know it’ll be a great speech.

    See you soon!

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