ARE YOUR DUES DUE? by Jim McFarlane

After the recent conference financial activities and membership payments clear the bank, SCWW will have a bank balance of $7535.88, despite starting the year with a big deficit from the 2012 conference. This is our biggest end-of-year bank balance in several years, thanks to a conference that made money.

The major sources of income this year have been $11,000 (so far) from membership dues, $8,458 in donations (thanks to Ginny Padgett and many generous members) and over $7000 in 2013 Symposium registrations and critique fees (thanks to Kia Goins and many volunteers).

Major expenses have been the elimination of the $13,885 debt to Hilton Hotels for last year’s conference, about $4000 in Symposium expenses, $1000 to print the 2013 Petigru Review and pay the judges (thanks to Tibby Plants and many contributors), and $1040 in Carrie McCray prizes and judging fees partially offset by entry fees (thanks to Marilyn Benner-Sowyak).

Membership stands at 271 paid-up members. This is less than usual because the smaller conference drew few out-of-state attendees, who pay the higher non-member registration fee and thus receive a one-year membership and inflate our membership numbers for a year. However, the dues income indicates strong support from our long-time members.

Last week I sent out membership renewal notices to all those whose memberships expire in 2013. This includes 140 that expire on Dec 31, 2013 as well as about 20 due in October, (none in November and December), and about 60 that are past due. I’ll repeat that in early December and early January and hope to add an additional $6000 in membership fees to the bank account by the first board meeting in mid-January.

Nearly 70% of our paid-up members are aligned with the calendar year, that is, their memberships expire on Dec. 31 of 2013 or 2014.

For two years SCWW has slowly been aligning memberships with the calendar year for several reasons:

  1. It simplifies administration of TPR submissions, contest entries, conference registrations and other activities open only to paid-up members.
  2. Receiving most of our money at the beginning of the year facilitates budget preparation and activity planning.

Of the 65 members whose memberships expire at random dates in 2014, the 2014 Membership Chairman will send them emails near their due dates and ask them to pay $1 per remaining week of 2014 (and perhaps $52 more for all of 2015) to align their memberships. And those generous people who send $52 instead of the prorated amount will have their membership extended to the end of the year and will be thanked for their extra contribution to SCWW.

Jim McFarlane

Treasurer and Membership Chairman

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