Arts Alliance Advocacy Day

On Tuesday, February 7, Kim Blum-Hyclack, Pat FitzGerald, Claire Iannini (all from Rock Hill) and I (Columbia) spent the day at the State House participating in the Arts Alliance Advocacy Day in an effort to draw the attention of our state legislators to Bill H.4697, a commonsense approach to funding of the arts in SC (a portion of the current State Admission Tax, levied on admission to concerts, movies, theaters, etc. would be appropriated to SC Arts Commission). Sen. Hayes is introducing a similar bill in the Senate this week.

The point was made time and again that students who have an arts component in their educations make better grades and are more successful after school. Another reiterated fact was a community with a vibrant arts environment is more attractive to prospective businesses looking to set up shop in our state. It seems the arts is good for the individual, community esprit de corps, and business – really a win-win situation.

I urge you to contact your legislators and let them know that these bills are important to you, your community, and the economic health and well being of South Carolina. I’d even go so far as to say the arts are necessary in our lives.

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