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The Quill: News from Surfside

Meet an alien from a planet whose inhabitants come in three sexes, a Maryland ship-owner smuggling slaves to the north in the years before the American Civil War, or a young man searching for butterflies who discovers the mysteries of … Continue reading

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The Quill: Submission Opportunities and the Writing Life

Hi all, I’m excited to bring The Quill to you in a new format. The newsletter was limiting because it never allowed me to dive into specific topics. I’d want to offer a slew of upcoming events or submission opportunities, … Continue reading

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James Petigru and Carrie McCray

Written by Jayne Bowers Thirteen or fourteen years ago, I attended the South Carolina Book Festival in Columbia. What a joy it was to walk up and down the long aisles, gawking at vendors’ wares and talking to “real life” … Continue reading

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So What Happens at a Critique Group, Anyway?

Written by Jayne Bowers Are you ready to make your writing the best it can be even if it means listening to constructive criticism? If you’re both motivated and humble, a rare combination, it’s time. In our group, submissions can … Continue reading

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