Big Questions, Small Answers

 What is the nature of art? For that matter, where does art leave off and philosophy begin?

How long or small must a work be to validate its merit? Does a single line of prose become poetry when lifted from a paragraph or is it most poetic when experienced in its neighborhood of thought?

Is it better to be young or old? Whose happiness is greater, the child fervently rolling a ball of leftover piecrust or the grandmother sliding the complete pie bubbling with blackberry juice from the oven?

All times, all tides, all things become connected. One cannot separate the grandmother’s joy from the child’s act of rolling the soft dough, or the poetry of a butterfly landing on a quiet hand and the words that describe its magical descent in a beam of afternoon light.   

All moments, all memories, all actions coalesce. Distilled by eons of longing and love they come together to express, in carefully chosen words, the philosophies of our lives.

We hope for a reader who will recognize themselves in the art that we offer up on page, on plate, and in conversations over quiet clinking glasses.

Some of us hope for a few more. Some of us hope that someone will look around after reading our words and wonder why no one has noticed that the world just changed.

For those of you seeking a moment to connect with other writers, share new ideas, hopes, dreams, and your words, plan to attend the SCWW Writing for Publication Symposium in Columbia, S. C. on October 26, 2013.

I know I’ll be there and hope to see you on that fine fall Saturday. Until then I’ll be reading you and writing back to the universe how you’ve changed my world.

Teresa Burgher

     Teresa Burgher
     Christiana, TN

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  1. Daniel Joder says:

    A grandmother’s hot blackberry pie–now THAT is art! Art, philosophy? All art is philosophy, no? Just expressed in different ways. Have fun at the Symposium!

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