Board of Directors

President * Carol-Ann Rudy
Vice President/Conference Chair * Amber Wheeler Bacon
Secretary * Steve Gordy
Director – Editor, The Petigru Review Adrienne Mathues
Director – Associate Editor, The Petigru Review / Co-Editor, Quill-B Jayne Bowers
Director – Associate Conference Chair Roger Jones
Director – Chapter Liaison Evelyn Eickmeyer-Quinones
Director – Membership Chair Ann Williams
Director – Publicity/Social Media Mary Sturgill
Director – Co-Editor, Quill-B Sue Cryer
Director – Publicity / Social Media Mary Sturgill
Director –  Patrick McMillan Ph.D.
Director – Treasurer / Board Facilitator * Mike Lee
* Executive Committee  
Vacancies:* Executive Committee President Emeritus
1st Vice President, Additional Directors Tibby Plants
Contract Resources / Advisors: Jim McFarlane
Dr. Kasie Whitener – TPR Advisor  
Scott Bacon – Web Support Contractor  
Lynn Winkler – Accounting