Canines and Muses by Barbara E. Magera


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My muse visits infrequently and unexpectedly.  She creeps into the night, drags me out of a peaceful slumber and coerces me to tap out prose. At the climax of inspiration, she abruptly vanishes. Cerebral numbness overcomes me.  I stare at a blank computer screen.  Sudden pangs of writer’s block grip my mind.  Attempts to transform simple concepts into meaningful prose are futile.  I am devoid of any writing ideas.

Then I got a dog. Not any dog but a showy, prissy and pricey lap dog. I was smitten. Why not try my hand or leash at competition in the show ring. Many wins later, I found my passion. My canine experiences readily and effortlessly flow into interesting prose.  My scribbles piqued the interest of editors and readers. In just a short time, I am finally published.  A canine writer’s organization nominated my work for a prestigious award.

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Regardless of the wins or accolades, the truth is “I am having a blast”. Life with my wet nosed companions is anything but boring. They are a continuous source of writing material I enthusiastically share with dog fanciers and readers. Dry wit spiced with humorous canine antics are my primary voice; however, the loss of a beloved canine companion or the premature death of a fellow dog fancier evokes emotion that I confidently transform into heart wrenching prose.

Many of my essays describe intimate human canine interactions. Frequently, I include the canine experiences of my colleagues in my writings. A light hearted article about our canines provides relief from the exhausting work of caring for seriously ill patients.

My canines have found their own voice, too. Theirs is a deeper and serious commentary about various human conditions. Their ability to see what human eyes cannot provides clarity about the challenges humans face daily.

My dogs have taught me more than I ever imagined. Our bonds are strong and deep. Despite the constant presence of “dog hair everywhere”, I wouldn’t trade my life for anything.  They keep us laughing. They are a constant reminder of what is really important in life.

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4 Responses to Canines and Muses by Barbara E. Magera

  1. Karen Johnston says:

    Lovely, Barbara!

  2. Claire Talltree says:

    Please, accept my sincere condolences on the recent accidental death of nine of your beautiful dogs, including your first ever, Willis. My heart goes out to you and your family at this time.

    RIP, Money, Lucinda, Drayton, Madeline, Shelby, Katie, Butler, Freddie, and Willis… 🙁

  3. Raine Wells says:

    I am so sorry for yor loss.

  4. Barb Magera says:

    Thank you very much for your kind words. I can’t cry enough tears to ease any of our pain. I cant believe they are gone.

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