Since January, I hope you’ve enjoyed the changes the Quill has implemented.

Now it’s time to refurbish our website. We are finally in a position to begin the changeover from a webmaster-managed site to a content management system. We have negotiated the very good price of $1400.00 for this service with our current provider, Net Studios, Inc. The work should be complete in 30-60 days.

For those of us who have books, websites, and blog pages to include at, the new format for submitting this information is described on the Members’ Published Work tab at the website. You’ll also see a schedule of fees for these services. The SCWW Board was hoping these fees would help defray the cost of the charges to take our website to a new level where we can maintain it with no additional webmaster charges – a big savings for our operating expenses.

In 2011 if you submitted your works using the new format, the Publicity Chair will email you within the next 60 days to confirm your information. If you haven’t done so yet but would like to appear on this page, send your information, following the new guidelines, to We would appreciate your donation of fees as listed on the website. Thank you for your cooperation.

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