Chapter Spotlight: Daniel Island

I moved to Daniel Island, just outside of Charleston, about a year and a half ago with my husband and two children. I am a Sales Consultant-turned-Writer who decided in her 30’s— all right, in her 40’s, really—to abandon a solid paycheck in pursuit of my dream. I wanted to become, An Author. Before we get to the writing though, there’s a story behind this decision to move our family that’s worth sharing…

You see, my husband and I grew up in Maine, and we had been living in Atlanta for many years. After an exciting stint overseas in Ukraine as ex-pats, we moved back to Atlanta, quite near where we had been living before. Ukraine wasn’t my first time ‘out of Oz’, as they say, for he and I had travelled extensively before the kids came along. To the Caribbean, Costa Rica, Russia, England, Germany, and more. However, the rich experience of living abroad simply reminded me how important it is to live in different places and meet new people.

So, one day out of the big blue, I marched into my husband’s home office and stated this, “Hun, the kids and I are moving near the beach because that’s what makes me happy. Are you coming or not?” Okay, those may not have been my exact words, but the point is ‘crystal’ (a-hem) clear. I wanted a change, and the ‘life is too short’ cliche had been ticking in my head like a broken record for far too long.

Less than a year later, we found ourselves in a lovely Charlestonian home near the river on Daniel Island. To note, this location was chosen after my husband had ruled out the entire upper East Coast due to the extreme weather conditions, and the entire west coast because of the higher cost of living. We couldn’t be happier, though, and our family has settled in to a comfortable life of sweet island living with a fantastic community around us.

All this new life was missing (besides a Dunkin’ Donuts, of course), was a Writer’s Group! A place where I could share my budding work, collaborate with fellow writers, receive needed critiques, and grow in my new profession. I did attend a few others in the Charleston area that were excellent, well-established groups. However, something inside of me simply sparked the idea of a new, local group—in part, to add benefit to the community I live in, and admittedly, in part so that I could drive our golf cart to meetings.
Now, a year later we have an active group that cares about one another’s work, laughs a lot (mostly at ourselves), and has a passion for the written word. Apply named Guilty Prose, we meet at the local library, and have since become Berkeley County Library’s active writer’s group, and a local chapter for SCWW. Our meetings often start off with one member reading a passage from some book that he/she has enjoyed, and then we share our work as time permits and offer good, wholesome feedback. In 2016, I am also bringing in guest speakers to help all of us learn, grow and love the creative side of writing.

So, if you live on or near Daniel Island and love to write, please stop by… On the first Tuesday of every month, from 6:30pm – 8:00pm… Whether you call yourself a wordsmith, a novelist, a  scriptwriter, a dramaturge, a poet, or a tragedian, or just a scribbler, all writers are welcome!

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2 Responses to Chapter Spotlight: Daniel Island

  1. Elaine Allcut says:

    Loved your story!

  2. Lolita Hayes says:

    I enjoyed reading about your transition to Daniel Island and the start up of your writer’s group. Sounds like so much fun! I wished I lived closer so I could drop visit the group. All I can say is – ROAD TRIP! LOL!

    I am originally from the Midwest and serendipitously ended up on Hilton Head Island- Long, long story. I too am loving living, (and writing) by the beach.

    Lolita Hayes

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