Conference Faculty Blog – Denise Roy

With social media playing an ever-increasing role in how we talk about books, I’m grateful for book bloggers every day. I’m an editor, not a blogger. But fortunately for readers and writers everywhere, there are so many fantastic blogs about publishing. And, yes, editors read them, too.

A special shout-out to Book Pregnant, of which numerous of my authors—Seré Prince Halverson, author of The Underside of Joy; Melanie Thorne, author of Hand Me Down; I hope I’m not forgetting anyone–are members. Can’t wait to see you at SCWW.

Whenever I need a fresh take on the publishing industry, I head straight for Betsy Lerner’s magnificently wise and hilarious blog:

And when I wish for visual inspiration before immersing myself in a novel, I visit Sarah Jio’s website, with an array of books displayed in an eye-pleasing palette:

Her “Behind the Scenes” series has been especially popular:

Behind the Scenes: Meet My Literary Agent, Elisabeth Weed!

Behind the Scenes: Meet Denise Roy, My Editor at Penguin!

Behind the Scenes: Meet My Publicist at Penguin, Milena Brown!


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