Conference FAQs: Take 2

We’ve been getting some new questions lately so I thought it was a good time to stop and answer a few.

Q. I don’t see pitch sessions or critiques on the schedule. When will they take place?
A. Pitch and critique sessions will be scheduled based on the faculty member’s teaching schedule. When you arrive and check in at the registration desk, you will be given a card listing your appointment time. They will be going on throughout the conference, beginning on Saturday morning.

Q. When will I find out who my critique faculty is? When will I find out who my pitch faculty member is?
A. Upon checking-in at the registration desk, you will be given a card with the name of your faculty member and the time you will meet for your critique and or pitch.

Q. What if I don’t get any of my choices?
A. We do our best to give each attendee one of their three choices. However, sometimes this is impossible. If we cannot assign you to one of your top three, we will call you, well before the conference, and discuss options with you.

Q. How does the faculty have time for all of the critiques, classes, meals and other time with attendees?
A. Scheduling, scheduling, scheduling. We do our best to make sure each faculty member has time for everything, but sometimes it’s a squeeze. Faculty members work the entire time, so please keep the following things in mind. When your critique time is over, please thank the faculty member and move on. Don’t take up the next person’s time. If you make a connection and get a request, don’t ‘hog” the faculty member for the rest of the conference. You might wear out your welcome. And please, please, don’t do anything creepy like send you manuscript to his or her room, don’t stalk at the bar, don’t try to hem someone up in the restroom or at the pool. Keep it professional AT ALL TIMES.

Q. What is the best way to pick my critique and pitch people?
A. Check out our website at and look at all the individual bios. Then google the person and find out what they’re selling and what they may be looking for at the present time. Make sure you write what the faculty member sells.

Q. Who do I contact about Carrie McCray?
A. Check out the contacts link on our website. Ms. Kim BlumHyclak is in charge of the contest. You can email her using the link on that page.

Q. Who do I call or email if my question hasn’t been answered?
A. You can call me, Lateia, at 803-671-1664 or email me at Or you can call Carrie at 706-564-7998. Her email address is Both of us are on the East Coast and we take calls from 9am – 9pm. Please don’t call super late or super early. All of our staff members are volunteers so please be patient if it takes a few hours for us to get back to you. We WILL return your calls/emails. If we don’t contact you within 72 hours, feel free to call or email again.

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