Courting the Muse

All writers at some time struggle with inspiration. I once heard science fiction writer Ted Reynolds say of writer’s block: “If you sit in front of a blank page long enough, some muse will pity you.” That was before computers. Now it would be, “If you sit in front of a blank screen long enough, some muse will pity you.”

Instead of staring at blankness, check out the videos for some advice from two authors I interviewed at the SCWW Writers’ Conference October 19-21. Watch them for fun, then think about what they say.

As per McKendree Long, we all put people we know into our stories. Perhaps they aren’t as readily identifiable as his choice, but they’re in there somewhere.

Ethan Gilsdorf’s advice on apparel when writing isn’t so far fetched. Actors get into character. Why not writers? Maybe it works to immerse ourselves in the mindset of the time or the characters we write about.

I admit I once dressed as a fairy when writing about them. Enough said.

When I see friends this Wednesday (Halloween) I won’t know if they’re in character for their writing, or in costume. I have to go figure out what I should wear to teach my class.

Trick or treat!

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2 Responses to Courting the Muse

  1. Great idea, Tibby! I hope there are more to come. Any interview with you in your fairy costume? 😉

  2. Kia says:

    Great blog, Tibby. And terrific videos of both McKendree and Ethan. Thanks for sharing them with us.

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