Critique Slots are Filling Up FAST!

I sat down with the latest batch of registrations for the conference today and critique spots—especially extendeds—are filling up very fast. We already have several faculty members who are sold out. Don’t miss your chance to get a critique from your first choice faculty member.

If you plan to purchase a critique or pitch session for the conference, don’t wait to register! All critiques must be received by September 1, 2009 and we cannot offer critiques past that date. Although that seems like a long time, it’s not. Less than six weeks left!

Here are the links:

If you plan to pay using your credit or debit card, use this link:

If you plan to pay by check, use this link:

We love it when you pay by check! Credit cards and debit cards charge SCWW a percentage every time we submit for payment. So, if you can pay by check, please do! It will mean that more of your money goes to support SCWW and the conference.

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