Critiques Take II or Oh, yeah, I forgot to tell you . . .

The other day when I posted the information on critiques—formatting, where to send it, etc—I forgot to clearly state two things.

1. Your critique materials MUST be the first ten (10) or thirty (30) pages of your manuscript. Do not send a chapter in the middle of your book. Our agents and editors specifically want to see the beginning of your manuscript. (Thanks, M.L.)

2. The deadline for submitting critiques is as follows:
Electronic version: Must hit my inbox no later than midnight on September 1, 2010.
Hard Copy:  Must be postmarked on or before September 1, 2010.
These are hard deadlines. In order to get materials to faculty members in ample time, the materials must be organized and transmitted by the second week in September. It takes me about a week to get everything sorted and sent—and it’s a very busy week. (Thanks, Angie.)

Let me know if you have additional questions. You can email me or post to comments.

Watch out for Carrie McCullough’s upcoming blog. It will be divided into several parts and will give the ins and outs of each faculty member.

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