Doors to Perdition

Want terror? Not fantasy, folk lore, myth or monsters? Live through the horrors we create. From the amateur bank robber hiding in Brazil, to a man who puts his trust in a murderer and thief. A hired killer breaks his code to pursue a client who stiffed him for his fee. After fifteen years of sobriety, an alcoholic takes one drink and finds hell at the bottom of the glass. A tired, frustrated man arrives in San Francisco and encounters two gangbangers in an airport men’s room. The heartbreak of a cop who wanted to please his daughter during Christmas week, only to watch her disappear in a wall of swirling snow. Meet Carlos Estaban and Roger Morgan. See through the eyes of both boys, ten and twelve, as Roger uses feigned friendship to turn Carlos into a lab animal for his study of human emotion and much more.

You can buy Doors to Perdition here.

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