Fiction Query Letters: The Good, Day 4

August 21, 2009

Miss Constance Writer
PO 123
Greenville, ZQ 01234

Ms. Dream Agent
Bestsellers R Us Literary Agency
123 Bleecker Street, Suite 100
New York, NY 12345

Dear Ms. Dream Agent,

My 90, 000 word novel, THE SCOTTISH LADY, is a Victorian Romance that will appeal to fans of Queenie Query and Write A. Chapteraday.

Even in these economic times, historical romances are selling better than ever. Victorian romance is becoming a big seller, all but replacing novels set in the Regency Period. Even though THE SCOTTISH LADY is a very unique story, it should fit well with your other titles, such as Ima Writer’s Rogue’s Risk and Jewel Ofabook’s Marriage Mart.

When Catherine MacGregor’s husband is killed in a carriage accident, she becomes the richest widow in Scotland. When her unscrupulous step-brother is appointed her guardian, she realizes she must leave Glenloch, the only home she’s ever known before he marries her off to some cash-poor aristocrat. Dressed as a governess, she escapes to Dundee where she plans to catch a train to Edinburgh. Her plans are foiled when the bridge over the Firth of Tay collapses, leaving Dundee with no train service.

She checks into an inn where she meets Duncan Frazier. He’s not the merchant’s son he claims to be; she can tell by the cut of his coat and the clip of his upper-crust accent that he’s aristocracy. She’s drawn to his intelligence and his dedication to helping the poor families of Dundee, but she’s not about to fall in love. Marriage is a mistake she won’t make again. Duncan needs a wife and he’s willing to do whatever it takes to capture Catherine, heart and soul.

Filled with twists and turns, THE SCOTTISH LADY, is filled with light-hearted misunderstandings, sizzling romance, and rich historical detail.

I am a member of the South Carolina Writers’ Workshop and TypingDreams, a critique group. THE SCOTTISH LADY won first place in the Love Me Contest sponsored by the Greenville RWA Chapter. The contest was judged by Stellar Editor of BookHouse.

As stated in your guidelines, I have included a synopsis and the first ten pages Thank you for considering THE SCOTTISH LADY and I look forward to hearing from you.

Constance Writer

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