Friday Intensives: What We Have to Offer

If you’re free on the Friday before the conference, you should really consider coming to the pre-conference intensive sessions. For a nominal fee, you can attend an intensive session with a publishing professional. If you purchase both sessions — morning and afternoon — you’ll also have the opportunity to eat lunch with faculty. We have lots of sessions to choose from but here are a couple that really caught my eye.

On Friday morning, Jackie Cooper will be teaching “It’s All About Me: Crafting a Memorable Memoir”. Jackie has had a lot of success with his memoirs and he can help you figure out how to distill your life, or a section of it, into book form. This class is also great for those of you who’re writing novels. Remember — Character is Character. Whether it’s fact or fiction, writing dynamic, believable characters is pivotal to your sucess as a writer and Jackie knows just how to do it.

In the afternoon, Scott Eagan is teaching “Get it While it’s Hot: Marketing your Book to Agents and Editors”. In a tough year for the publishing industry, this class will help you market your bookto agents and editors. You want your packaging — query letter, synopsis, and partial — to be well-written, well-presented, and eye-catching. In this tight market, it’s imperative! Spend a couple of hours with Scott Eagan and learn how to make your manuscript irresistible to agents and editors.

We have lots of other great classes, too. These two just caught my eye and made me wish I was an attendee. Check out the list of intensives at

It’s not too late to add the pre-conference intensives to your registration. Call or email if you’d like to add and we’ll save you a seat!

And if you hear someone trying to sneak into a class, rather than managing the conference like she’s supposed to, it’s probably me.

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