Fund-raising Update

As you know by now, we did not have enough paying registrations to cover the expenses of the 2012 conference. The year ended with a $12,000.00 deficit. This is a first for our organization, but it’s not uncommon in the world of non-profit orgs – especially in the arts field.  I am happy to report we have retired about half that debt, and the SCWW Board is working diligently to create income possibilities that will take care of the rest, i.e. Philanthropic Giving Campaign headed by Barb Magera of Charleston. (If you know someone who has a bent toward philanthropic funding of artistic endeavors, please email Barb at  or me NONE of your membership dues have gone to cover our debt. I thank all of you who participated in the on-line auction that was held to benefit SCWW. In case you’re not aware of Michelle Johnson’s generosity, read (BTW, Michelle has since launched her own baby, Inklings Literary Agency. Congrats to her!)

Thank you to our members who have donated so generously (see!!! And I extend an invitation to those who haven’t to please do so. You may use PayPal at the “Donate” link at the News button found on the bottom of our home page (  or send your check to SCWW, 4840 Forest Dr., Ste. 6B, PMB 189, Columbia, SC  29206. All monies are tax-deductible, and you will receive a thank-you letter for your records.

In light of our financial situation, SCWW will not be able to present our regular three-day conference in Myrtle Beach this year. We will host a one-day event on October 26 at the Columbia Metropolitan Conference Center, entitled “Writing for Publication.” Faculty will be limited by number and geography. We are planning to offer professional critiques via email and phone or video-chat appointments. As plans solidify, you will hear more from Kia Goins, 2013 Conference Chair. Even though we have had to drastically scale back our 23rd annual conference, I am excited about the instructive, informative and symbiotic climate Kia is putting together. Columbia was chosen for the location this year so that our state membership could easily make this event a day trip. Without the cost of a hotel room for two or three nights and a much reduced registration fee, I hope this will be an opportunity you won’t miss.

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2 Responses to Fund-raising Update

  1. Beth Browne says:

    Thanks for the update, Ginny! And great work on the fundraising!!

  2. Kim Boykin says:

    Kudos to SCWW and the board for taking the necessary steps toward retiring our debt. I’m sure this year’s one-day conference will be as stellar as our past conferences, and when we do put on another 3 day event, it will be phenomenal.

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