As writers, judgement is par for the course. We sit at our desks pounding out words which will ultimately be judged by editors, agents, publishers, peers, readers and most harshly, by the voices in our own heads advising us to run for the hills. There will be no running encouraged this year for members of the South Carolina Writers Association (SCWA).  Opportunities abound, and judgement has already been constructively bestowed on the current edition of The Petigru Review (TPR), by a zenith in the country’s publishing industry. The Kirkus Reviews

If the name does not instantly ring a bell, just search a favorite read on your bookshelf or tablet, and read the reviews. Better yet, read TPR’s review at our website.

“Here it is! All good! I’m so proud to have had a part in it,” announced Torie Amarie Dale, one of the Associate Editors of TPR 2016/2017, upon notification of our assessment from Kirkus Reviews. “And now I (we) can prove it to the world and we can take TPR into the national spotlight.”

SCWA proudly accepts the judgment received by Kirkus Reviews, one of the pinnacles of success in the publication arena. The Petigru Review is considered with great pride by our members and the TPR editors, who faithfully hold its content up to the highest standards of excellence. Standards that began with founding board member and renowned author, Carrie Allen McCray.

So it is our turn. The Petigru Review is our baby and we beseech you to share our illustrious news. Like us on Facebook. Share us with your friends. Access our blogs and newsletter, The Quill, while visiting our website.

While there, take a look at our 2016 Pushcart Nominees in TPR, which include the award-winning words of Kasie Whitener, who won first place for her short story fiction, which seamlessly transforms the mind of a middle-aged tattoo repair seeking woman back to that of a reckless teen seeking adulthood. Her work is one of thirty-seven that fill The Petigru Review’s one hundred and forty-four pages. They represent some of the best and brightest submitted works of our membership with content ranging from poetry and flash fiction to the short short and novel first chapters.

Please take note of the word submitted. In order to succeed, we must take that chance. The chance to be judged. Risk is our key to success. Without submission and judgement, our stories would not be read, watched or listened to. We accept it as part of our craft and take umbrage in its innate meaning.

As members of the South Carolina Writers Association, we will receive new and unique opportunities to showcase our ability to be judged as 2017 continues to unfold.  The period to submit for the 2017/2018 issue of The Petigru Review begins April 1 and runs through May 31.

Registration is also available at our website for The 2017 ‘BIG DREAM’ Conference in Pawleys Island, where attendance will give you the opportunity to lay your manuscripts into the hands of agents, editors, and authors from across the country for review and critique. More information and updates will be shared in the days and weeks ahead.

These are giant opportunities for our membership. So get busy. Listen to the larger voice in your heads. The one that says keep going, keep going.

We cannot wait to be judged.


Sue Cryer is a member of The SCWA Board of Directors and works as a Freelance Writer in Chapin, SC.  She is a former Newspaper Correspondent and Feature News Writer.


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  1. Elaine allcut says:

    Very good

  2. Bobbie Harrison says:

    Thanks for sharing this useful info.

  3. Camille Sabbagh says:

    Where do I send my synopsis for the conference? I understand it must be sent by 10/07/2017

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