Good News and Farewell by Ginny Padgett

As this year comes to a close, I have happy news to share. First, your new SCWW Board elected officers and named committee chairs for 2014. I am excited by the prospect of this new, competent leadership.


President – Tibby Plants

Vice President – JM Kelley

Vice President Conference Chair – Linda Cookingham

Secretary – Michelle Ross

Treasurer – Jim McFarlane; Charles Duke – apprentice

President Ex Officio – Ginny Padgett

Standing Committees

Chapter Liaison – Michelle Ross

Contests – Marilyn Sowyak

Grants – Linda Cookingham

Membership Co-Chairs – Jim McFarlane, Charles Duke

Quill Editor – Courtney Diles Henderson

Petigru Review Editor – Tibby Plants; Courtney Diles Henderson – apprentice

Publicity – JM Kelley

Silent Auction – Teresa Burgher

Webmasters – Ginny Padgett, Courtney Diles Henderson

Dates of Meetings for 2014: GoToMeeting Conferences 10:000 AM ET

January 11

February 8

May 10

September 13

October 11

November 8

December 13

***If you’d like to attend a meeting, email Tibby at

We bid a grateful farewell to the Board members who are completing their terms of service. Please acknowledge their dedication.

Kia Goins – 6 years (3 years as Conference Co-Chair/Volunteer Coordinator, 2013 Conference Chair)

Beth Browne – 2 years (2 years as Publicity Chair, 1 year as Vice President)

Helen Aitken – 1 year (completed a vacated term, Publicity Co-Chair)

Secondly, with much relief I report our treasury carries $7800.00 forward into 2014 – our best financial footing since 2008. Visit to get all the news from the SCWW Board of Directors. This page was added last month to foster transparency between members and the Board. Also, the Members’ Published Work page,, will be enriched during the next month. I think you’ll be pleased with the improvements.

I take this opportunity to say goodbye as SCWW President. It has been my privilege to serve in this capacity for the last three years. I’ve endeavored to champion the needs of SCWW and her members and to strengthen the bond between SCWW, her chapters and her members. I am most proud of the redesigned website and the introduction of a money-saving content-management system, as well as streamlining the budget in general.

I look forward to another bright year for SCWW and to continued service on behalf of the organization.




Headshot - Aug 2013

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2 Responses to Good News and Farewell by Ginny Padgett

  1. Beth Browne says:

    It has been such a pleasure serving with you, Ginny! I love all my SCWW peeps!!

  2. Teresa Burgher says:

    Dear Ginny:
    After working with you up close and personal, I’d like to commend you on an amazing job. You have been the glue that held us together for so long. What a great leader. Thanks for steering us through 2013 and for keeping me on track. It was a pleasure to serve with you!

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