Guest Blogger: Chuck Sambuchino, Part II

Here’s the second part of Chuck’s blog. Check out yesterday’s blog if you missed it. Chuck will be on the faculty of the 2009 SCWW Conference in October. Check out his blog at



John Q. Writer (7)
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Jane Smith, managing editorNew Mexico Magazine

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Ms. Smith:
According to the Bible, it took two days for God to create all living creatures. The way New Mexican Regina Gordon sees it, the 48-Hour Film Project involves the same amount of time—with only a slightly less complicated task. “Every second counts, when you have 48 hours to make a film.” That’s the motto of the 48-Hour Film Project (, a nationwide event that challenges local filmmakers to form teams and create four-minute movies—from script to set design to finished product—in 48 hours or less. Albuquerque is no stranger to the fray, and will again participate in the competition in 2009. Also returning in 2009 is the city’s area producer, Gordon. More than 20 area teams competed in 2008—with all of these guerilla filmmakers reporting to one woman—Gordon—who must substitute passion, adrenaline, and insane amounts of coffee for sleep she certainly won’t get.

So what drives her and other participants to exhaust themselves like they do? I propose a 400-word short profile on Gordon and, with it, New Mexico’s involvement in the project for New Mexico Magazine. (I’ve already touched based with Gordon.) I believe that a Gordon feature would be a great fit for the “Introducing” section of your magazine. To give readers a feel for what a kinetic, exciting, shoot-from-the-hip experience this is, I would interview Langston to hear anecdotes from last year and discover what lies in store for this year—as a sense of community for the project continues to build in the area.

In 2003, I covered Philadelphia’s involvement in the project for Artspike magazine. Thank you for considering this piece. My résumé is attached. Clips are enclosed.Respectfully,

John Q. Writer

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