Have You Met the Published Authors of SCWW?

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By Beth Crosby
Rock Hill Chapter



As our schedules fill and the “to do list” expands, we often skip time for pleasure reading. But escape is critical in maintaining good mental health!

Most jobs in my career required reading. A friend once told me that I needed to interrupt my required reading and take in some fiction to get my mind off of the serious topics and allow creativity to creep back in and solve my challenges. I did that here and there. Long before the racial gaffe came to light, I read Paula Deen’s autobiography. It wasn’t all that I had hoped, but it was a diversion. Then after seeing Twilight, I read that book. Only the first one. I never made it through the second one.

And as my schedule slowed, I read books that my friends recommended. But I got tied up in my work and blocked in my thoughts. I needed a refreshing break.

So this summer, I picked up Country Summers, by SCWW member Bobbie Harrison. What a great read about a Jewish teen coming of age in 1950s New York! Nearly everything was new information to me as a Christian, and I read it in four sessions. Then I read Grit of Berth and Stone by SCWW member Lisa Dunn late into a couple of nights. This Young Adult fantasy takes place in the middle ages. I eagerly await the second in the trilogy, Heir of Koradin, available August 4.

In May at SC Book Festival, I met Susan M. Boyer. I picked up Lowcountry Boil and didn’t get to it until this past week. After reading about sixty pages one evening I set the book aside in favor of sleep. But when I picked it up the next night, “just one more chapter” staved off sleep, time and again. At 4:30 a.m., I finished the book and pondered the discussion questions at the end as I succumbed to slumber. Susan has two other Southern mysteries that are quickly rising to the top of my reading list. I call her Susan, because she was so interesting when we talked at SC Book Festival, and she responded to the e-mail I sent her. I feel a kinship with her, and we’re both in SCWW!

The great thing about SCWW authors is that they are members of the same organization you and I are—if you are reading this on the SCWW Facebook page. We can visit their chapters. These people called authors attend chapter meetings. They have done the hard work of writing, editing, culling and improving. Then they went about finding an agent or slogging through the self-publishing trenches. And they are like us. I’m sure they all doubted their capabilities at least once, but they continued. All speak of the benefits critiques provided and are kind enough to pass on the good will to new or unpublished writers.

Invest in SCWW authors. You are investing in yourself by reading good books and meeting great people! See a list of SCWW authors here: http://myscww.org/members-published-works/. You can also visit www.myscww.org to see members’ blogs and websites. If your works or links should be added, please notify SCWW webmaster at scwwwebmaster@gmail.com.
Beth Crosby’s experience as a newspaper copy editor and in administrative, sales and customer service make her uniquely qualified to edit for fact, grammar and readability. She enjoys Young Adult fiction, and proofreads everything she comes across, despite all efforts not to! Beth is a freelance editor in Rock Hill, SC.

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