Helen Beacham Aitken

Helen Beacham Aitken is a former Science Educator, turned freelance writer, photographer and humorist. She typically writes for the boating magazine, All At Sea Southeast, even though she knows very little about boats. Helen is a member of the National Society of Newspaper Columnists, Boating Writers International, the National Association of Professional Women, and is an award-winning writer.
She writes humorous, creative non-fiction short stories, highlighting Southern living and her family provides great material. Married to Scott, a retired U.S. Marine, Helen has one son Will, who is draining her finances with college tuition.
Helen is the author of the book, It Only Happens To Me… Can You Dial 9-1-1?, inspired from her blog, It Only Happens To Me… at www.helenaitken.com.The website also features many of her published articles.
She loves giving speeches on “Healthy Humor,” teaches creative writing and is a professional volunteer, living
​near the beach in ​Peletier, N.C.  Helen is a previous SCWW board member, volunteer and a contributor to the Quill newsletter.
Helen AitkenHer greatest passion is for travelling, but not for Scott, so she’s looking for a wealthy, buff, gay man to become her travelling companion and protector.  Helen loves the beach, great chicken salad, husband, Scott, and son, Will, but not in that order.  Most days she is at the computer, trying to keep the dogs and cats separate, or putting out kitchen fires.

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