Hills of Home

A historical, Appalachian slice of life, HILLS OF HOME is bursting at the seams with vignettes of growing up in the mountains of West Virginia, where the people who populate the area are as unique and breathtaking as the landscape.

HILLS OF HOME offers a rich literary patchwork of memoir, reflection, and humor. The story begins in the 1950s in the hills of West Virginia, in the remote community of Munday, in Wirt County. Though comprised of a mosaic of individual stories, the compilation reads like a novel, and is characterized uniquely with the author’s personal diary entries and a sailor’s letters home.


Praise for Hills of Home

“I think the book is a valuable detailed and most honest documentation of a part of Appalachia that has not been celebrated so well until now.”

–Earl Hamner, Jr., bestselling author of Spencer’s Mountain and creator of the beloved The Waltons television series

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