Beth at open mic (photo courtesy of Alice Osborn)

Beth at open mic (photo courtesy of Alice Osborn)

Open mics can be stressful, even for experienced writers. Most of us only do it to get comfortable in front of an audience. For me, it’s good practice, even though I find it daunting to get up in front of a crowd. I hope as many of you as possible will come hoot and holler for your fellow writer peeps at our After Party Open Mic (APOM) on October 26 at 5:30pm.

I will have a sign-up sheet ready; first fifteen people to sign up will get five minutes each to read. If you want to come and just listen, that’s fine too. We all need an audience! The APOM will be held at The Flying Saucer, just a short walk from the convention center. They will have food and beverages available for purchase.

In case you need further enticement to come out and hear your bestie writer peeps read their best stuff while enjoying fabulous food and drinks, we’ll be offering some fun door prizes, including a writer’s favorite thing: Books.

Please remember to read your work at home with a timer to make sure you don’t go over your five minutes. Getting cut off in mid-sentence is no fun for reader or listener. Include any opening remarks you may have in your time as well.

It’s going to be fun, so y’all come on out now, y’hear!?

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