How I Write – by Barbara E. Magera

My circadian rhythms are totally off. My creative juices only start to flow when the clock strikes midnight. Put a blank computer screen in front of me at 07AM and my brain turns to mush. My muse shows only up in the wee hours of the morning. She startles me out of a peaceful slumber, drags me out of bed, plunks me in a chair and orders me to write. She announces that I should be grateful she bothered to show up at all. Impatiently, she proclaims that other more talented writers deserve her presence which means that her visit with me is only transient. I hastily write whatever disjointed thoughts she screams at me knowing I can edit more effectively after she departs. Her visits are frequently unannounced, unexpected, inconvenient and totally incompatible with my day job . I have hopelessly tried to negotiate a reasonable schedule with her but this has miserably failed. She has total control because she knows I cannot function effectively without her. Although impatient and demanding, she actually has helped me to write some fairly ‘good stuff’. I have finally resolved that my newly found literary interests equate to a life of chronic fatigue.

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3 Responses to How I Write – by Barbara E. Magera

  1. Beth Browne says:

    LOL! My muse has to be wheedled and romanced with caffeine and solitude. She also requires a high degree of stimulation and functions best if she gets plenty of boat time. Great post!!

  2. Teresa Burgher says:

    My muse, a bonefide product of the Olympian spirit, requires competition. Now, that is surely as tough as the midnight oil. Talk about exhausting! Ask anyone who really knows me and they will tell you that my number one personality flaw: lack of competitive spirit.

  3. Marilyn Benner says:

    My muse acts like Casper. If I don’t feed him with written words, he disappears for awhile. Write. Write. Write. I love your blog.

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