Hyde’s Corner Trilogy – Book I – No Man’s Land

Selmer Burks becomes a man some call monster, yet, he is capable of love, devotion to family and community. Burks, youngest of Silas and Mathilda Burks, sees his family decimated by Cedric and Jared Hyde. At nineteen, he plans a suicidal plot for revenge. Before he makes the fatal mistake, a newspaper headline catches his eye. With cunning beyond his years, he wins election as sheriff of newly formed Sundowner County. Under color of law, Burks launches a campaign of vengeance that spans thirty years. His vendetta takes the life of his wife, causes the rape, pregnancy and death of his beloved daughter, Laura Lee. Burks prepares to take her body home, but hate wants its pound of flesh and his sanity. Homeward bound, Burks plots the murder of Doctor Herman Beaman, who fought for Laura Lee’s life, and the bastard boy carrying the demon seed of the Hydes.

You can buy No Man’s Land here.

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