I’m Counting the Days…

By Mollie Glick – Foundry Literary & Media
2011 Conference Faculty Member

I’m counting the days to the SCWW because having spent summers in Kiawa Island as a child, South Carolina holds a special place in my heart! And I’m dying to fall in love with some new novels.

I’ve been selling a lot of high concept literary fiction lately, from Ronda Rhiley’s ADAM HOPE to Ecco (the same publisher as EDGAR SAWTELLE), to Carol Brunt’s TELL THE WOLVES I’M HOME, which sold to Dial, to Elizabeth Garrett’s THE DROWNING HOUSE, which sold to Nan Talese, but I haven’t been swept off my feet for a while and I am always looking for the next TIME TRAVELER’S WIFE, THE NIGHT CIRCUS or THE SPARROW.

I’ve also been selling a lot of great YA projects like Gennifer Albin’s CREWEL to FSG Kids, and Josie Angelini’s STARCROSSED series to Harper, and can’t wait to find my next YA crush. And as always, I adore popular science, memoir and narrative nonfiction of all stripes. I just read an article about a blind man who taught himself to navigate by a form of sonar, that absolutely fascinated me, and I’d love to find a great one of a kid story like that.

The publishing market is tough these days, but I firmly believe that cream rises to the top, and if you’re passionate about a project, you can make it work. One of the best things about being an agent is the close collaborative relationship you form with your authors, so I very much look forward to meeting all of you this October. And if you’ve got a novel I won’t be able to out down, send it my way!

Warmest wishes,
Mollie Glick

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