It’s All About The Candy!

Halloween is my favorite holiday and comes right after my birthday, which is my other favorite holiday. But this year, my fiftieth, I felt like even Halloween was just a big drag. But then I saw this:

Okay kids


And I remembered: It’s all about the candy. Halloween is an excuse to eat all the candy you want. If you drag the kids around to enough houses, you will have enough to trade. That way you can get rid of those stupid Dum-dums and get more of the good stuff. For me, that would be Baby Ruth bars, Milk Duds, a Nestle Crunch or two, several handfuls of Tootsie Rolls and a whole lot of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

We always trick or treat with our friends who live in the neighborhood. They have a little one now, not quite five, and that gives us an excuse to trick or treat since my kids are now twelve and thirteen. I thought they might want to give it up this year, but they were adamant.

My son agreed to give it up this year if I would buy him a bag of candy. I don’t think he thought about that clearly though, because there is no substitute for the vast array of varieties you get from trick or treat.

Everyone has their favorite and all the kids know the Baby Ruths are mine. Even the little kids will gladly hand them over to see the big grin on my face. Some of the moms make the kids wait until they get home to eat anything, so they can sort them out and make sure there is nothing poisoned. I say the heck with that and I gorge as we walk. My sweetie Eric says the Tootsie Rolls taste like wax, but I like the way the chocolate flavor lingers in your mouth, as you have to chew and chew. It’s like gum with a kick. He thinks the Milk Duds are waxy too, but he agrees they are worth it. I always have to chew the first ones and they are always rock hard in the cold night air, but when you chew the caramel sticks to your teeth and you get to suck it off for a long time afterwards. After the first couple of duds when I’m reaching caramel satisfaction, I can slow down enough to melt the chocolate coating off and then sort of moosh the caramel around in my mouth with my tongue so it doesn’t stick to my teeth. My dentist would be proud horrified.

We usually have to wait until halfway around the neighborhood before we get to the Baby Ruth house. Sometimes they have full-size bars. But before we get there we have to pass the spooky house where the people go all out with smoke machines, eerie lights, spider webs, ghosts and skeletons hanging from trees. The kids get all clingy until we get past that one. And then I’m deluged with Baby Ruth bars, the perfect combination of chocolate, peanuts, caramel and nougat. They are chewy and crunchy and incredibly sweet and chocolate-y. I eat them until I can’t hold any more. The other parents laugh at me as I hold my stomach and groan.

Just the thought of all that sugary deliciousness makes me yearn for that day. With the kids getting older, it may be our last, but don’t worry, I’m going to make the most of it. If we’re lucky, there might even be a $100,000 bar in the bag when we get home.

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