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During the three years I served as president of the organization, it was my joy and privilege to foster two new and successful chapters, Columbia III and Sumter.

Recently, I have been involved with the formation of another SCWW chapter in the Beaufort area. This week I received a call from the leader of the fledgling chapter. She asked, “My prospective members wonder why we’re paying dues to SCWW if I’m doing all the work of organizing a chapter?” My answer included these points.

  • Liability insurance – This is the most important advantage for groups to become SCWW chapters. If something were to happen at a chapter meeting, SCWW insurance would cover the damage.
  • Website support and information:
  • Market yourself and your work through the SCWW website
    Member website and blog site:  blogs/
    Speakers Bureau:
  • Monthly e-newsletter
  • Exclusive opportunity to be published in SCWW’s annual anthology, the Petigru Review
  • Discounted reading fee for Carrie McCray Memorial Literary Awards
  • Discount on conference registration – Our conference has been ranked as one of the top ten in the country.

Most of all, we’re a network of writers, novice and established, who come together regularly on a local level to critique each other’s work and provide a means of accountability. In addition, we share information that will further us on our journey toward publication and support each other in that common endeavor.

There are 18 chapters across the state, and the Board is looking into the feasibility of forming virtual chapters for those members who reside outside SCWW areas. If you’ve wanted to find an environment to nurture your creative growth, consult the website for a chapter that best accommodates you.  Don’t see one in your locale? Email me. We’ll start one.

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