The ability to accept the truth can mean the difference between success or failure for a writer. Hearing it at South Carolina Writers Association’s “Big Dream Conference” via a Pitch Session with one of the nine attending faculty members may change your life. The three-day event will kick off with the words of Peter Steinberg, Literary Agent with Foundry Literary + Media in New York City and our Keynote Speaker.

Mr. Steinberg was gracious enough to respond to some of our questions, giving us a chance to get to know him a little better.

When asked the best advice he can give, hands down, Mr. Steinberg answered, “To have empathy for others.”

If you are a writer, empathy means more than just understanding. It is the next level you seek after judgment. Hearing the honest opinion on the result of your endless hours of labor can be life changing.

The core of my writing is not art but truth.”  These words ring as true today, as when delivered more than thirty years ago by author Philip K. Dick (The Man In The High Castle, Paycheck, and Minority Report, to name a few**), who is one of Mr. Steinberg’s favorite authors and one he would choose to sit down to dinner with.

So, what is a work that moved Mr. Steinberg to tears?  A List of Cages by a first-time writer named Robin Roe and I couldn’t stop crying the first time I read it,” Peter told us. Published by Disney/Hyperion, the young adult novel was released earlier this year and focuses on the emotional bonds of secrets and friendship.

 “Read it,” Peter advised.

In addition to representing Robin Roe and at least three New York Times bestselling authors, Peter Steinberg works with clients who have been nominated for numerous literary awards including The Pulitzer Prize, Pen/Faulkner and The Paris Review Discovery Prize.*

Mr. Steinberg is a graduate of NYU film school and worked as a screenwriter before turning to his current profession where he currently accepts submissions by e-mail. He told us he reads “about three novels a month in their entirety and then about the first thirty to fifty pages of twenty or so more.”

Peter did not always plan on becoming a Literary Agent. “When I was young,” he stated, “I actually wanted to be a clown.”

Many of us dream in bright colors when we are young. Seeing the world in varying tones develops as we meet the challenges life puts before us.

Meet a new challenge when you register for the “Big Dream Conference“. Utilize the time, talent and truth of our keynote speaker and the other eight acclaimed literary professionals invited by SCWA to serve as the conference faculty. Prepare to know your own truth.

While Peter has already sold out of Pitch Sessions, other faculty members have available space. Of course, all attendees will be able to benefit from our Keynote Speaker’s words at the Welcome Reception Dinner on Friday, October 27th. We look forward to it, Mr. Peter Steinberg.

Our Faculty:

Kerry D’Agostino—Agent, Curtis Brown, Ltd.

Kate Gale—Editor, Red Hen Press

Timothy Green—Editor, Rattle Poetry Anthology

Jessica Handler—Author, Nonfiction

Annie Hwang—Agent, Folio Literary Agency

Michelle Johnson—Agent, Inkling Literary Agency

Emily Lavin Leverett—Author, Fiction

Peter Steinberg—Agent, Foundry Literary + Media

Luke Whisnant—Author, Fiction


Sue Cryer is a member of The SCWA Board of Directors and works as a Freelance Writer in Chapin, SC.  She is a former Newspaper Correspondent and Feature News Writer.









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  1. This is a wonderful post and introduces us to a talented and unique individual. I’m interested in the book. And thank you Sue for taking the time to share Peter’s interests with us. I look forward to talking with him more at the conference about these things and more.

  2. Sue Cryer says:

    Thank you Torie!

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