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 beth crosby

By Beth Crosby
Rock Hill


My introduction to the South Carolina Writers’ Workshop was the Rock Hill Writers’ Intensive this past year. My friend and associate, Roxanne Hanna, invited me. It was an opportunity to announce her new publishing company, Sunscribe, and to attend a few writing sessions. I met nice people, took lots of notes and was invigorated to write again after a long hiatus.

That reignited spark for writing is the whole reason the intensive was developed nine years ago. With no idea what else SCWW offered, I attended a critique session (chapter meeting). These writers are GOOD. Several are published. I knew I was in the company of talented writers and illustrators, and several friendships blossomed.

One great aspect of SCWW is that all levels of writing are welcome, from closet writers to published authors. We all need the camaraderie and support of others who have the same experiences and offer insights. Our chapter cheers when a book is published.

We meet three times each month. And every month when I look at my busy schedule, I think I might miss a meeting. But I am so excited to be with “my people”, and I don’t want to miss a word of my friends’ works. These are talented writers, and I am so happy to be in their company! As in school, I feel the heat of competition pushing me to present my best work and insightful critiques, and I thrive on the benefit of collaborative effort.

During the fall SCWW meeting, I took pages of notes, met great people, and was challenged to up my game. And as spring approaches, I need that little incentive to be true to myself, my talent and my passion.

As we invite you to “Writers’ Secrets Uncovered” on April 25, we strive to maintain a reputation of strong presenters sharing useful, practical information. The sessions cover an array of genres, and we’re planning for next year some sessions and topics that we couldn’t fit in this year. The intensive grows annually because of participant feedback and the hard work of our committee members and volunteers. Let us know what you think!

You can register now at www.RockHillSCWW.org. We hope to see you there!


Beth Crosby’s experience as a newspaper copy editor and in administrative, sales and customer service make her uniquely qualified to edit for fact, grammar and readability. She enjoys Young Adult fiction, and proofreads everything she comes across, despite all efforts not to! Beth is a freelance editor in Rock Hill, SC.


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