Manuscript Formatting 101

There IS such a thing as standard formatting for a fiction submission. One of our Friday Intensive classes will focus on this very subject. Barbara Evers, owner of Evertrain, will teach you everything you need to know about using Word to format your manuscript correctly. Her class is called WRITE RIGHT!: Manuscript Formatting for Success. She’ll also teach you how to use Word to your advantage as a writer. You can check out Barbara’s bio here:
But in the meantime, you’re probably in the throes of pulling together your critique submission and you need to know the formula. (Keep in mind, Barbara’s the expert here. But I’ll do my best.)
Here are the basics:
1. One (1) inch margins at the top, bottom, left and right.
2. 12-Point font—use Times New Roman or Courier.
3. Double-spaced.
4. Start a new chapter a third or more down the page.
5. Using a header, type your name (last name first) on the upper left corner.
6. Beneath your name, type the title of your manuscript.

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