Meet a New SCWW Board Member – Julia Rogers Hook

julia - SCWW

 Julia Rogers Hook
SCWW Vice President

Julia Rogers Hook comes to Columbia, SC after almost 30 years of life in Los Angeles where she worked as a journalist in radio, television, magazines and newspapers. She covered local politics, community events and national news. She also taught courses in broadcast writing at Pierce College in Woodland Hills, CA.

Julia is originally a South Carolina native who went out west during a summer break from studying journalism at Carolina (the REAL USC) to pursue fame and fortune in the film industry. Her hopes were quickly dashed as she realized that she would spend far more time “acting” like a secretary, waitress or bartender than she would in the magic kingdom of moviemaking.

While realizing her “star” may never rise over the Hollywood Hills, she nevertheless fell under the intoxicating enchantment of the “left coast” and decided to stay. Her love of the written word sent her back to her journalistic roots to finish her studies and ultimately to get her degree from Cal-State Northridge.

She has long had a burning desire to share the madcap misadventures and mayhem of her misspent youth and is currently working on her first book and into possibly syndicating her local column in The Columbia Star newspaper.

She is unbelievably happily married to the man of her dreams, Marty Hook and embracing her role as step-mom to his son Van. While Van has his own apartment, Julia and Marty share their home with Whitman, a 95-pound standard poodle who seems blissfully unaware of his size along with two cats, Molly and Scrappy, who after some wary introspection and cautious kitty consideration, decided to allow the dog to live in the house.

She is looking forward to her future endeavors with the SCWW and fervently hopes her enthusiasm and desire to help will outweigh her considerable inexperience during her time on the board.


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