Bettie Williams

The Rake’s Tale

The Rake's TaleIn Regency England, Sarah Edwards is a Shakespeare-obsessed debutante set on finding the love of her life. Instead, she finds Lord Basil Fairfax, a cruel rake who makes public sport of crushing her heart. Instead of taking this humiliation lying down, Sarah devises a plot guaranteed to deprive Basil of the one thing he loves most: His reputation as the Supreme Rake of the ton. Reinventing herself as the Ice Queen, Sarah plans on exacting her retribution by out-raking the rake. Unfortunately, she didn’t plan on Benedick, a too-handsome, sardonic duke with an irritating penchant for rescuing damsels whether they’re in distress or not.

So, through a whirl of Shakespearean quote wars, a lovesick Juliet wannabe, treasure hunts, and one torturous matchmaking musicale, Sarah must decide which is really sweeter: Revenge or taking a second chance on love.