Bob Strother

Burning Time

Louise Schmidt would sacrifice almost anything to protect and provide for her family—even her innocence…

Set in Chattanooga, Tennessee, in the early 1900s, Burning Time epically portrays the life of Louise Schmidt, from early childhood to adulthood, as Louise, her mother, and younger brother fight to survive the abuse of Louise’s father, Will. The largess of Will’s parents initially provides refuge from her father’s drunken exploits, but Louise learns too young that nothing lasts forever. Though previously ostracized from the family, the prodigal son returns at the behest of his ailing father, and brings along a new wife, Maude, who fans the flames of Will’s inherent avarice and disregard for his former wife and children. At fifteen, Louise is forced from the only home she’s ever known and into marriage with a man ten years her senior. Even as Louise comes to terms with her life and assumes the role of family matriarch, she still must face the consequences of her actions.

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A Fire to be Kindled

It’s the Roaring Twenties, and—cleared of murder charges and finally free of her father’s tyranny—Louise, it would seem, has it all. With money in the bank, she branches out into other business ventures. Meanwhile, the family delights in young Bobby’s escapades while See-Boy builds a lucrative, albeit shady, side business. But, as Louise knows all too well, hard times are just around the corner. As the Great Depression besieges the country, Louise and her family suffer personal trials—an unwanted pregnancy, clandestine love affairs, and unseen forces scheming behind the scenes to tear apart everything Louise loves, including her family.

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Scattered, Smothered, and Covered

This novel-length collection includes thirty-six stories that defy easy categories.

“Bob Strother serves up a heaping helping of Southern short stories in a collection which defies easy categories, with vampires, cheerleaders, debutantes, ghostly little girls, hitmen (and women), Ma Barker, a Marine gunnery sergeant with his own unique method of rehab, and a septuagenarian soviet sniper who takes the theft of her welfare check unkindly. Well-crafted, with sharply drawn characters, wry wit, and a touch of darkness, they breathe with life and a deep and obvious fondness for the South of his heritage…warts, chittlin’s, and all.” – David Weber, NY Times bestselling author

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Shug’s Place, A Novel-in-stories

A working-class bar in mid-1980s Detroit with an interesting assortment of Patrons: A sharp, but obsessed female homicide detective; a former student radical on the run for her life; a hard-drinking PI who’s in love with his best friend’s wife. Others include Rose, a pretty prostitute from Kentucky, Leon Tweed, a former Marine who’s always got Shug’s back, Leon’s nephew, Devonne, who has a penchant for finding trouble, and a group of old soldiers who take care of their own. And Shug? He’s involved with two dangerous women – one he’d kill for, and one who might get him killed. Come sit at the bar, have a beer, and explore the exciting and sometimes dangerous avenues of Detroit’s seamy underbelly.

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