Carlotta Russell

We Smoked Our Sister: Stories from a Childhood

We Smoked Our Sister: Stories from a Childhood carries the reader back to the wonderful days of the 1960’s; a time of excitement in the growth of America. The life of a rural family in Chunchula, Alabama, a suburb of Mobile County is portrayed between these pages. Though it was a time of financial hardships, the family was held together by a loving mother and father, who worked hard and raised their children to be disciplined/focused, productive, motivated, and successful as well as creating a love for learning and the importance of family and heritage taught through stories passed down from family ancestry, as well as stories created by the Seymour children who lived these stories. Family life was like a work of art.

Also, this book looks at a part of family life and the methods used to discipline children in the south. A picture of a rich life comes through to the reader, which could describe the simple everyday lives of any family in the south. The south has such rich undiscovered family history.

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