Cherie Smith

Magic Sleeps

It has been said that humans were once like angels on earth; they lived as gods and goddesses. They had magic and freedom and knew not of famine, poverty, or war. As time went on, evil in one of its forms, discovered a way to trap the humans and steal their magic. Cursed with amnesia, humans had no connection to their true identities or their power. Thus began a cycling of suffering and grief that condemned them, perhaps forever.

The only hope for humanity may begin with one who is not human at all. A curious fairy is lured into the mortal realm by a glorious man she cannot resist. The fae have not been allowed to intermingle with humans since they lost their magic, so her actions have dire consequences.

Later, a young woman fleeing her past seeks refuge in a cliffside house overlooking the Pacific Ocean. There, Avalyne becomes enchanted by a diary left behind by Ivi. As Avalyne delves deeper into Ivi’s story, she discovers the dark cravings of its author. The most frightening part is that Avalyne not only begins to identify with Ivi, but also shares her bloodlust, along with other remarkable symptoms. As her physical condition deteriorates, a fever threatens to burn her alive. Will she rise like the Phoenix or succumb to ashes? An enticing man with flickering eyes knows the truth about Avalyne, but will he stand in her way or help her unlock the magic to free the human race?

For now, magic sleeps.

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