Dr. Ilmars Birznieks

Living Water

In AD 59 one of the towns in the Roman Empire, Colonia Agrippina–present  day Cologne,Germany–is running out of fresh drinking water. The Senate in Rome assigns Amulius Atius Vitellius, one of their best Prefects of Engineering to  locate a new water source.

Before he leaves for Agrippina he is converted by Apostle Paul to  Christianity. On the way his new found faith is tested severely. He expects to  find God’s help but instead encounters harsh winter weather, tortuous roads,  disease, bandit attacks, accidents, and treachery.

In Agrippina he faces more problems: rugged terrain, foul weather, and  hostile natives, but he feels they are insignificant compared to what he suffers  inwardly. He has a difficult time maintaining his faith as a Roman citizen  surrounded by false gods. He thinks he should be spreading Christianity among  nonbelievers but realizes if he were to do so he could never complete the water  project. Rome would condemn him to death. His difficulty is further compounded  when he falls in love with a pagan girl, Aine from the Baltic. He is an esteemed  Roman citizen; she is a slave.

Amulius knows that Living Water is their only  salvation.

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