G. Hugh Bodell

The Lady, The Lowcountry and The Diamonds

The Lady, The Lowcountry And The Diamonds: A Lowcountry Mystery: Gallagher, a Forensic Accountant, who has lived in the Bronx, New York all his life, retires to the South Carolina Lowcountry, hoping to spend most of his time fishing and photographing. Our retired accountant has spent his career recovering funds in the tens of millions for a diverse clientele of individuals and organizations from around the world. Along the way, he learned the techniques and tactics in which he could recover funds without the drawn-out processes called for by courts and lawyers… and always left it to the victims as to what, if any, retribution, would be taken against the party responsible for filching the funds. While enjoying a day of fishing along the banks of the May River in Bluffton, South Carolina he becomes involved in a mystery that he cannot ignore. The sleuthing he undertakes will carry the reader across several points on the United States, Eastern Seaboard and introduce a diverse cast of characters. This is not a novel for those looking for blood, guts, shootouts, violence or sex. This is a mystery that will take the reader through a process of discovery, with many twists and turns, followed by a finale that is even shocking to our sleuth, Gallagher. With a sprinkling of humor, particularly when ‘listening’ to the reactions of the lifelong bachelor Gallagher, that are in his thoughts only. This is the first of the Gallagher’s Tales series, all of which will be set in the Lowcountry.

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