J.A.V. Simson

Speaking with Strangers

This eclectic collection of short fiction centers on the theme of revelations that can occur during unplanned encounters with those we don’t know or don’t understand, including ourselves. The poignancy of each story arises from the flash of understanding, sometimes tempered with despair, that may be triggered by such chance interactions (2017). Available for purchase at Amazon.





Russia Revisited

This beautifully illustrated booklet narrates a tour from Ukraine to Moscow and then on an idyllic cruise  through northern Russian rivers and ancient towns to St. Petersburg, the glorious capital of imperial Russia. A thousand years of Russian history unfolds during the journey (2016). Available for purchase at Amazon.






Korea, Are You at Peace?

Is there hope for peace on the Korean peninsula? These deeply personal stories of two Western women reveal the almost unimaginable transformation of Korea from a culturally and politically united peninsula at the end of the nineteenth century into today’s dangerously divided land (2013). Available for purchase at Amazon.






The God that Says I AM

A collection of meditations aimed at understanding the nature of spiritual experience. Dr. Simson is a scientist who has explored the history and content of most major world religions, has been a lifetime “truth-seeker,” and takes a sympathetic view of the God-quest (2010). Available for purchase at Amazon.