Laura Lanni

I Like Trees Like These

A children’s book about loving trees. We can’t live on our Earth without trees. The children of today will be the protectors of tomorrow’s trees and the fragile environment of our only planet. 

Hugs are durable. Trees are huggable.

Published by LMNO Press, I LIKE TREES LIKE THESE is available from Amazon.




Infinity Line

Every American is a degree or two away from losing someone to violence. If it hasn’t happened yet, it will. Almost certainly. That makes me furious.

In late 2011, Virginia Tech was on lockdown, again. A police officer was killed. I was stuck five hours away on another college campus, calling, worrying, and waiting to know. My daughter hid in the architecture studio on the VT campus. I did not breathe for hours.

When the lockdown ended late in the day and I knew she was safe, I let loose my hold on myself. That night I played the “what if” game, cried out my rage, drank very much whiskey, and INFINITY LINE was born.

A story of struggle and anger, humanity and hope, INFINITY LINE follows a biochemist who takes down men, to the deep future where families and love are ancient myths.

INFINITY LINE, published by LMNO Press, is available in Kindle or print from Amazon


or not to be

Alive, Anna considered leaving her husband. Dead, she naively believes she has escaped this difficult choice. How cruel for relationship problems to tag along to the dead side. On November eleventh, Anna Wixim, mother of two, number geek and palindrome seeker, finds herself dead at forty-four. While wandering the universe and watching her family grieve, Anna learns that the two-way portal between her life and death remains wide open. Still, Anna hesitates to return to the man she loves. She has many reasons, real and imagined, to hesitate. The universe is full of wonder; time is boundless; she doesn’t have to do laundry. And her husband doesn’t want her back. Based on his own experience in crossing a yawning space-time gap, her husband, Eddie, understands the rules of the universe, including Anna’s free choice to come back to him. He also knows that she doubts his love because he forgot to say that he loved her—for twenty years. On top of that, he wasn’t even nice for the last two months of her life. Don’t judge. It wasn’t fair for the universe to reveal Anna’s deathday to him. Eddie couldn’t function, couldn’t have a conversation or take a full breath, faced each year with the relentless approach of November eleventh. In a love story to satisfy the most cynical geek, follow this couple in an unbelievably plausible tale to the dead side and back.

Available in print or Kindle at Amazon