Lucinda Shirley

Dancing on Mars

This is EveryWoman’s book – every age, every experience. You will laugh, cry and learn through this fascinating, honest and courageous journey to one woman’s truth – but you won’t put it down. Dancing on Mars is a feast, not an appetizer. Like a memorable meal, Dancing on Mars is deeply satisfying and leaves you wanting to experience it all over again. A lively mix of memoir and exploration of love, relationship, and lifestyle. There’s even a handful of original poems.

Cassie Premo Steele comments: “They say ‘the truth shall set you free,’ and here it is: a truth-telling memoir about growing up in the small-town, segregated South—politics, sex and religion; relationship, marriage and motherhood; loss, healing, feminism and enlightenment; and the bare beauty of a life by the water’s edge. . . .

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