McKendree Long

No Good Like It Is

A historical novel, No Good Like It Is┬árelates the adventures (and misadventures) of two soldiers with Terry’s Texas Rangers. Dobey Walls and Jimmy Melton survive the first and final cavalry charges of the Army of Tennessee, and with Nathan Bedford Forrest, play a curious role in the Fort Pillow Massacre. Later they harass Sherman’s flanks with the dreaded Shannon’s Scouts, but manage visits to Atlanta’s second best brothel. Their trip ‘home’ is complicated by run-ins with love-starved widows, murderous Home Guards, bootleggers, and freed slaves, and Yankee deserters. Pinkertons, a stolen payroll, Confederate Cherokees, and Cheyenne Dogmen add to the chaos, yet our heroes find true love.

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Dog Soldier Moon

In this sequel to the historical novel NO GOOD LIKE IT IS, the saga of Dobey Walls and Jimmy ‘Boss’ Melton continues during the years following the Civil War. In DOG SOLDIER MOON a great crime decimates the fledgling Texas Panhandle community of Canadian Fort, twisting relationships and putting Dobey and Boss on a trail of vengeance and frontier justice, yet unaware they are targets of two Pinkerton teams themselves. They are affected by George A. Custer’s attack on Black Kettle’s peaceful Cheyenne village; Custer’s teenage mistress Monahsetah and J.B. Hickok flesh out the cast of this epic tale.

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