Robert Lackey


Bim and Them

A little boy looking for his vanished Uncle finds himself in the one place he was always told not to go. Bim holds the secret that the rest of the world has lost, and to bring it back he has to face “THEM”.

This modest book is intended to capture those parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, babysitters, and other wholesome adults trustworthy enough to accept the responsibility of reading to children.  So, clear your voice and read out loud! 

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Blood on the Chesapeake

A madman Ben Pulaski thought left dead in China arrives in Havre de Grace with a rabid hate that he  attempts to feed by kidnapping Sonja and luring Ben to his death. Ben tracks him  to his ship and lets loose the monster he became in China, pouring blood on the Chesapeake. 

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On The Way To Alice

Malcolm Ironwater slips out of the sanitarium, taking his imaginary Indian tribe with him on a journey to set the Aborigines free in Australia. Malcolm’s quest is hampered by delusional episodes arguing with his Maliqroische apparitions,  joining in a dangerous occult ceremony, being struck by lime green lightning from a bizarre aurora, and evolving into a ten foot ancient reptilian alien with yellow eyes. And by the way, the Aborigines have no interest in his assistance, thank you very much! Even with all that, there are still more surprises awaiting Malcolm during his journey. This ain’t your daddy’s Outback, Mate!

Pug Greenwood launches Malcolm from the short story “The Ghost at Indian Rocks” (Tooey’s Crossroads) and fulfills Malcolm’s dream of going to Alice Springs. Malcolm’s Daddy always told him he was descended from American Indians, but a particular tribe never came up, and he looks as native as Archie Bunker. So, in a drug induced state brought on by a little blue flower, Malcolm made one up, and now he can’t get rid of them. 

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Pulaski’s Canal

Ben was thought dead for 3 long years.  While trying to pay her debts and clothe her sons, Sonja clawed through days of drudgery as a house servant to a rich man who wanted her body. Ben came home from a prison in China to find his family destitute and emotionally empty. They struggle to reunite and rebuild their lives on the Canal, using a salvaged barge they named the Ugly Boat, facing hardships and disasters, driving them to their limits. 

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Raven’s Risk

Ben and Sonja gain ownership of a schooner to expand their shipping business, allowing Aaron to become captain of their canal barge that passes into Pennsylvania, while Isaac is accepted to West Point. Their roots span out in both Slave and Free States as they are drawn further into the underground railroad in Maryland and South Carolina, moving among people who would see them hang for their mission.

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Tooey’s Crossroads

“Pug Greenwood’s stories generally contain a dainty sliver of truth, served in a thick gooey malarkey marmalade, and best chased with the generous sip of whiskey! Then shortly thereafter you find yourself in search of a second helping.”
-Effrim Dickel, K-Country Radio

“You don’t tell stories like these outside the county. That boy is in serious trouble down here!”
-Harley Poteat, Sheriff of Finton County

“Pug Greenwood has absolutely no shame!! He is a blight to the family name and all of civilized religious Finton County. He should be run out of the state, even if he is my cousin.”
-Dorothy Greenwood, Finton County Sisterhood of Baptismal Evangelists 

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Tooey’s Crossroads II

More short stories from the incorrigible Pug Greenwood, that fired trucker who finally graduated from work release to became a full time resident of Tooey’s Crossroads.
Tooey’s Crossroads is a near-desolate piece of Southern Finton County, located at the intersection between the Millersville Highway and the old Swamp Road. There you will find the Park ‘N’ Pump, run by larcenous Adam Tooey; Big Al’s Tavern, run by Adam’s sister, retired marine Alexandra; Sarah Kozlowski, who cooks the chili and holds their deeds, and the long-closed Crabby’s Hardware Store just across the tracks, now reopened as the New Evangelical Musical Ministry. Together, they create a center that draws the weird together like iron filings to a magnet. Whatever it is, and whatever is going on with it, it seems to have a need to come to Tooey’s Crossroads. Pug sees it all and writes about it, so he can share it with you. It all happens just the way he writes it down, and that’s the damned truth!” 

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